The Mondaine Spirit

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll find the very soul of Parisian sophistication in the elegance of this Mondaine vintage.

A champagne of pleasure, Mondaine is a moment of pure sensuality. Its freshness evokes the carefree evenings of Parisian high society. A place where elegant gowns, playful glances and sparkling conversations light up the night.

Born of pure inspiration and craft excellence, Mondaine celebrates the creative, glamorous and haute couture spirit of the City of Light. The perfect champagne for the private guests of a fashion show, or to savour in a box at the iconic Opera Garnier in the heart of Paris. In fact, any sophisticated venue where one goes to see and be seen.

No fashionable address is quite the same without Mondaine, no Parisian party has quite the same chic. Mondaine is a unique champagne, which transforms each microsecond across the world into a dazzling event.

Expertise and rigour

With profound respect for our terroir, we constantly strive to obtain the very best, in perfect harmony with the environment. Careful attention is brought to each step in the production of our wine, on an ongoing quest for excellence.

The result of attentive plot selection, Mondaine is composed of 100% Chardonnay, an iconic variety which lends this champagne its aromatic freshness and sophistication.

In the spirit handed down by our ancestors, we bring our full expertise to our passion, a combination of ancestral traditions and technical innovations which remain loyal to our values. Year after year, we strive to constantly improve the quality of our wine.

Technical Sheet

Location: Côtes de Bar – France
Blend: Chardonnay 100%
Harvest: by hand
Production: traditional Champenoise method
Dosage: 10 g/l


Appearance: a beautiful colour with delicate and well-balanced bubbles.

Nose: a subtle nose marked by very floral and fruity notes with hints of almond.

Taste: lemony notes with a touch of grapefruit and a slight but very pleasant bitterness. A fresh finish with mineral notes. An overall impression of sophistication and intensity.

“Aromas of salted butter, cooked apple and chalk follow through to a full body with layers of fruit and a salty finish. Soft and attractive at the end. A fruity, chardonnay-based Champagne.”